by Accountants

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this album developed between 2013 and 2015 into a weird limbo of being kind of finished but never satisfactory, but it's been two goddamn years now so we decided to just present it for what it is, as it is, and move on.


released January 17, 2016

Chris Neuhaus - drums
Paul Tisch - guitar, bass, vocals, piano

recorded by Paul Tisch and Chris Neuhaus

mixed by Paul Tisch



all rights reserved


Accountants Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: The First Song
electricity fills this space
it's morning and I'm half asleep
no one's up yet, it's only me
and I just really want to see
the world untouched
as it's own place
I'm ready now
to walk through life at my own damn pace
Track Name: Control
the gun is empty
but still you put it in your mouth
and pull the trigger
for the rush if it were loaded
I sit and have to watch
and think about simple mistakes
you are so close to me
you're worth more than dumb play

you have less control than you may think
shit happens every day
I am screaming in my mind
life doesn't come with a rewind

'click' goes the gun
and you are still alive and laughing
and I am furious
but thankful to see you breathing
I don't think you realize
how close you were to owning
a bullet in your throat,
a medal for your bravery
Track Name: Fuzz Love
Track Name: Joe's Party
monday everyone drank
there was enough to go 'round
[maybe a couple more times than it should have]
friends let loose for the sake
of showing others that they
[knew how to have a good time, knew how to have a good...]
time went slower when people
started hitting the ground
[that's when it started to feel like I should have left]
but my mind was still foggy and I just had to stay

so I laid down

tuesday morning I woke up
with the sun in my eyes
[it was just dawn and I knew that I was headed home]
slowly making my way across
bodies asleep
[I knew their mornings would ache them in a dullish way]
Joe woke up, I said thanks, and then we both said goodbye
[I probably won't see him 'til next summer] (I didn't)
I drove home, crawled in my room
and closed the blinds so that I
[could finally sleep in my bed, I'm so tired]

I laid down
Track Name: Prayer of Apathy
remember how you used to dream about the night?
the light from morning infiltrated every fright
but as days grew longer
more 'important,' not so clear
the luminescence faded, love lost out to fear

I've lost the meaning of this dream that held me down
it's kind of freeing, but believing kept me bound
to that undoubted comfort, something I could trust
it doesn't change the end, one day you'll still be dust

december used to be the time to hide away
the prayer of apathy repeated the same way
just an indicator of the moldable mind
it binds to one line, always pining for some sign
Track Name: I Don't Smoke but I Smoked Last Night
day old coffee kills my tongue
and cigarette smoke fills my lungs
I cannot get off unless she scratches until blood runs down my back
I swear it's filling some hole
in my bitter soul

pull my hair and dig into my skin
get under, see all of my sins
tell me what you find, if you don't mind
I can't rewind on my own time
my past still haunts me, makes me pale
I need to exhale
Track Name: The Inner City
finally, I can see
the stars like you do
the inner city
outshines them back home

who'd have thought
we'd overpower
our own universe?
I could barely see a single blade of grass
underneath that carpet of stone

well, now I'm up here
and it's quiet, and still
I can see why you left home
and would never return

everyone's scared
of this place I now dream
I'll be there one day
but for now, I'm just a visitor
curious of where I'll be
I'll see you when I'm done here

I've no hurry, no fear (bullshit)
but admittedly tears
my friends are all leaving
I won't see them 'round here
Track Name: Pinano
it's pretty ain't it
Track Name: The Last Song
there once was
a boy who
was tired
of noises
he left for
a simpler world

he sat down
in one place
and listened
for nothing
but highways
and airplanes
his simple mind

but once he
that place that
was silent
he listened
to these new sounds

the wind on
his warm face
trees breathing
his own name
into one
part of this
grand symphony

then somebody came and told him
he had to move, but he was still
'I can not be bothered in this state of mind'
'let us fill your silence with the sound of the industrial man!'
'sit with me and listen, there is love again!'

they sat and
they listened
lulled to sleep
they glistened
with all the
new sound they heard

they woke up
he choked up
his mind set
'I don't get
what happened
to silence
and patient minds?'

then somebody came and told them
they had to move, but they were still
'we can not be bothered in this state of mind'
'let us fill your silence with the sound of the industrial man!'
'sit with us and listen, there is love again!'